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The Story of Brews Bro's Trivia

You're In For A Brewed Awakening!

Located in Manhattan, KS, Brews Bro's originated from a group of self-proclaimed genius drunks eager to showcase their intellectual might.


Founded in 2022, our journey began with a simple observation: local trivia just wasn't cutting it.

Determined to challenge the generic, bland, and often boring trivia found at many venues, our mission was clear: make learning fun again. Thus, Brews Bro's was born.


Initially, we were just a group MC'ing trivia nights. However, as our popularity grew and more venues sought our services, we faced a challenge: how could we meet the nationwide demand for quality trivia?

Our solution? Share our "secret sauce" by providing customers with the tools they need to host their own unforgettable trivia nights.

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